What Invest in a Part-time Finance Manager is Cheaper than Your Time

Caroline Thevenot
Founder and CEO

Let me guess, you are a startup owner, and you are giving most of your time to the financial accounting challenges instead of sparing your time to focus on your new clients. You should maybe think about having a finance manager.


The first lesson to learn: you shouldn’t take any new and big risks of significant investments. Small and relatively stable investments will give you that sense of security and will effectively alleviate the financial stress itself.


In order to avoid panic and financial stress altogether, in addition to budgeting and planning, there are time savings and investments that will save your money and increase your assets.

The knowledge of a finance manager

So, how you can invest in your time wisely?


There is a difference between data, information, and knowledge. What is often overlooked is the added value of both experts and money. Investing multiplies money, and it’s created to flow. If you have any information on all this, that’s great.


Data is a passive thing that may/may not be important to you or may/may not benefit you. The other thing is the information when it’s in the right hands, it becomes truly gold, while essentially the wrong ones have absolutely no value.


Finally, knowledge is the highest level that tells us how to handle this information.  Then, with long-term planning, a little courage, and a bit more expertise, you can really see how money and assets actually work.

Finance manager can be part time

SMEs in Dubai prefer to utilize the knowledge of outsourced financial managers.

In this way, instead of hiring a full-time finance manager they can afford to hire a quality part-time finance manager. Don’t you think that the time you would spend on the accounting of your own business would cost more? How much approximately two days/week of your time worth? If it’s more than what you would spend for a part-time finance manager maybe you should evaluate some affordable outsourced accounting options by contacting us.