5 Common Financial Mistakes Small Businesses and Start-ups Should Avoid 

Caroline Thevenot
Founder and CEO

We have to admit that starting a business is not an easy job. Many factors need to be put in place, to plan in advance, and the hardest part is to keep things under control. Although it may be a hard fact to face, many of us are just simply not very good at managing our finances. It is an extremely difficult path full of traps, and these traps lead owners to make mistakes. Financial errors are the most common mistakes among small business owners. In this article, we will present 5 common financial mistakes that small businesses and start-ups should avoid.

Not setting clear goals

When it comes to the success of your business, your financial goals are in many ways a measure of exactly knowing how well you expect to be doing. By setting clear and realistic financial goals, you make an important decision on which direction your company will grow. By having a forecast, it can help you to define a sales target for yourself or your team. Crucial thing: Set realistic goals and you’ll soon find yourself hitting them. If you set unrealistic ones you will be one step closer to close your doors.

Not keeping a cash reserve

As everyone is advised to put some of their money in a savings account, likewise small businesses should maintain a reserve fund in case things go wrong. A revenue stream is anything but steady, and you can never know when it will suddenly run dry. Reserve funds are an essential safety net that every business owner, especially small business owners and start-ups should take care of. If the reserve fund is provided, it is certain that there will be less stress in the current income shortfall.

Hiring more people than you need

Hiring is something even the best companies can’t manage in the right way. However, while they can survive with it, small businesses may not. When you’re just starting a venture and haven’t yet established a steady revenue stream, hiring too many people can be a bad move. In the beginning, it’s enough to hire only a small team of talented and capable people who actively contribute to the collective goal and help the business progress.

Thinking that things will be better by themselves

Sometimes, despite your perfect efforts on running the business, things may go wrong. It is very important that you know how to distinguish between delaying the inevitable (and thinking that everything will just improve) and taking a quick reaction. In such situations, you need to be a cool head and do your best to find the source of the problem. Keep a close eye on things around and think twice before making any decision. Also do not hesitate to seek professional advice. CTC consultancy is one of the high-quality and affordable accounting company in Dubai that can help you by allocating a part-time finance manager. Visit the website here.

Not seeking professional help and advice

As a business owner, you have to be aware of so many laws and rules: the commercial law, The VAT laws, regulations and clarifications, the Labor law… Unless you take the time to learn all about them, (and meanwhile get away from your core activity, and the development of your company), there is a high chance that you make a mistake or 2, and these mistakes will often cost much more than the cost of a Professional. Hiring a part-time finance manager is essential while running a business. Get a professional support.