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Worried about the changes in the tax scheme of the UAE? Afraid you'll miss a registration or a filing?

Avoid fines and get serenity by letting our certified experts and Tax Agent handle the tax matters of your company.

Our team can assist with direct taxation such as Corporate Tax, indirect taxation such as VAT and other taxation questions such as ESR, excise tax or transfer pricing.

Our Tax Agent will accompany you with voluntary disclosures if needed and with the different clarification requests that your company could have to file with the FTA.

With a wide range of services from registration and filing to audit and proactive tax planning, our team will give you the peace of mind you need to handle your business. We take care of the tax questions and ensure the compliance of your company.

Direct tax and others

Corporate tax registration

According to the new regulation on Corporate Tax, the registration for this new fiscal scheme is now mandatory for most of the companies in the UAE. We will operate with the process of registration for Corporate Tax within the timeline prescribed by the Authority and obtain a Tax Registration Number for you.

Corporate tax filing

Once your bookkeeping is done and compliant with IFRS, our Tax Team will review it and make the necessary adjustments and verifications to make sure your books match the FTA requirements for Corporate Tax.

Then, our team will compute the tax amount to pay for each Tax period and file the return within the legal delay.

Tax consultation with our experts

In case you face a specific VAT or Corporate tax matter, our team of experts will analyse the situation and provide you with the best advice.

Our Tax Team is competent in many situations that could lead you to need a consultation, such as international taxation, companies with several branches, real estate, import/export for example.

Excise tax registration and declaration

If you import, produce, or stockpile excise goods in the UAE, our tax agents will get you registered. The Excise Declaration will be prepared for each month of the accounting year by our tax agent.

Custom registration fee

We will help you obtain a custom code. Our tax agent will then link it to the TRN number.

Planet tax-free registration fee

Our team will make sure that your merchant business can join the Tourist Refund Scheme so that your tourist clients will be able to refund VAT on their expenses.

Tax Residency Certificate (personal or corporate)

We will proceed for you with the request of a tax residency certificate to enable you to take advantage of Double Tax Avoidance Agreements (DTAA) on income signed by the UAE.

Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing is an accounting mechanism that is used when goods or services are provided between two branches of the same company, or between two affiliates or two groups part of a bigger entity. It can lead to tax savings.

With the new tax legislation in place, OECD Transfer Pricing Rules shall now be applicable in the UAE. Our certified experts can make sure that your company complies with the Transfer Pricing rules and documentation requirements.

Pro-active tax planning

Our tax team will align your financial strategy with current tax laws so that you can strategically time your financial decisions to reduce your tax burden.

Indirect tax

VAT Health Check

The VAT health check is an audit of the VAT situation and compliance of a company at a time given. It's a necessary audit in many cases such as the merger, the acquisition or the sale of a company. It will allow you to know the debts of the company and the potential risk of fines linked to non-compliant situations with the FTA regulations.

We can audit VAT filings and verify if previous VAT returns are correct or not, to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future and keep your business compliant.

VAT Refund Request

When your VAT claimed on expenses is more than the VAT collected from your revenue, then you have a credit of VAT. You can claim it back by requesting a refund for the whole amount or part of it. In this case, our tax agent can represent your company with the FTA and take care of it, as this process is long and requires a lot of efforts compiling all invoices and receipts information.

Amendment and Follow up on the FTA portal

Stay calm, we take care of all necessary amendments and updates of the VAT records on the FTA portal. Our tax team will inform you of any changes made in the law.

VAT registration and deregistration

Our tax agent can take care of your VAT registration by listing your business with the government. The VAT registration is mandatory if your company's taxable supplies and imports exceed a threshold of 375,000AED of revenue during the last 12 months. Fines will be applied for late registration. We therefore strongly recommend you to contact a tax agent and trust their advice to avoid any fines.

You can also opt for a voluntary registration if your company's turnover exceeds 187,500 AED.

In this case, we also strongly recommend consulting with a tax agent to verify your data and register correctly.

On the contrary, we can also help you to de-register your company from VAT, in case you stop conducting business or your taxable turnover is less than the voluntary registration threshold limit. This deregistration is an important step for a company, as the FTA will request details of all your previous VAT returns. That is why being accompanied by a Tax Agent is the safest way to avoid any fines.

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