About us

CTC Accounting is an FTA-registered Tax Agency and accounting company based in Dubai. It was founded in 2015 with over 75 years of combined experience. Caroline Thevenot, our Founder & CEO, has worked with companies of all sizes for over 20 years. She has lent her expertise to companies as an accountant, cost controller, finance manager, and CFO.

At CTC Accounting, we strive for solutions to be more efficient in our work approach, with the goal of saving time and money.

We offer valuable financial support (cashflow forecast, analysis of financial KPIs, cost control), proactive tax planning and guidance, all while providing you with the best trained employees.

Why us?

CTC Accounting is strongly integrated in the local financial and tax landscape. We are licensed as a Tax Agency (TAN 30000764) with the Federal Tax Authority. This means that we are legitimate and can represent your company before the Authority, and assist you in the fulfillment of your tax obligations, as well as the exercise of your associated tax rights.

As an Accounting company, we are also a member of the UAE Accountants and Auditors Association.

CTC Accounting has been awarded with two ACCA certificates. Since 2021, we have received the “Professional Development” certificate that recognizes our high standards for staff training and development and our motivation in ensuring that ACCA affiliates and members have the right skills, ethics, and competences. Furthermore, we have also been awarded with the “Trainee Development-Gold” that proves our commitment to ensuring ACCA students have the right skills to add value and drive to the business. In addition, we follow the IFRS (International Financials Reporting Standards) for SMEs.

Our values

We work closely with our clients, listening and reacting to their needs

We are transparent and always abide to UAE laws


We are accessible to our clients and guarantee to respond within 24h


We think how to simplify our work specific to client’s needs and maximize time

Wondering if we’re worth the investment?

Book a FREE consultation with our specialists. We will guide you through VAT implementation or Company accounting setup.

How are we the right match for you?

We understand SME’s because we are one, and because we have been working exclusively with SME’s since 2015, by choice. We are experts.

We are here because we want to give you the same opportunities than bigger companies thanks to our European background and multilingual staff (we speak Arabic, French, English).

Our strong and efficient processes allow us to deliver high-quality work. We are able to manage complex missions within challenging deadlines thanks to our proactivity and reactivity.

Big companies have an in-house chief financial officer, you have us.

Meet our key people

In CTC Accounting, we are a qualified team, composed of Finance Business Partners, Financial Controllers, a Tax Agent and support group of Accountants specialised in working with small and medium companies. The team regularly attends training to ensure that our knowledge on business is constantly refreshed.

Founder & CEO
Caroline Thevenot

Caroline is the Founder & CEO of CTC Accounting, with a French Master’s degree in Economics & Business Administration, specializing in finance. She has over 20 years of experience working with SME companies, and more specifically in Dubai since 2005. She is a passionate Finance Manager and CFO who is continuously inspired to work with start-ups and facilitate growth.

COO and Finance Business Partner
Sybille Bouzaidi

Multi-lingual and qualified in France with a Master’s degree in Economics & Business Administration, Fatma is an essential part of the team with over 15 years of finance experience, during which she developed her expertise in providing finance training and services.

Finance Business Partner
Yamna Baouche

Fluent in French, Arabic and English. Yamna holds an MBA in Financial Management and has nine years of experience working with a mobile operator, in addition to more than 4 years with CTC Accounting. She is positive and proactive with analytical skills and a responsible mindset. She worked as CFO for several main clients at CTC Accounting and therefore has strong competences in Financial Reporting and analysis along with tax expertise.

Finance Business Partner
Mehdi Haddouhe
Mehdi graduated with Master’s degree in Auditing and Accounting. Fluent in French and English, he has four years of international experience in Luxembourg and France with KPMG and Mazars, in Accounting, Auditing, Financial Analysis and Management Control with specialization in small and medium entities.
Tax Business Partner
Radia Hammoulhadj

Radia Hammoulhadj joined the team in January 2023. Fluent in French and English, Radia holds a master’s degree in finance. She has more than 15 years of experience in the field of audit and finance management. She previously worked as Head of Finance in a high-end fiduciary in Luxembourg.

Administrative Business Partner
Gabrielle Desprez
Gabrielle is a resourceful professional with more than 7 years of experience in communication, retail entrepreneurship and business management. She holds a diploma of Public Affairs and Economics of Sciences Po Paris. Fluent in English, German and French, she’s able to coordinate multi-stakeholders’ projects within time and budget constraints.
Financial Controller
Marco Manalili

Marco holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration in accounting, and has over 15 years of experience in the accounting sector. He is detailed-oriented and highly organized, and proficient in diversified accounting and internal auditing.

Senior Financial Controller
Sadia Siddique

Sadia holds a certificate in Accounting and Finance (CA). She is a member of ICMA-India, associate member of CFE – Pakistan, associate member of IFA- UK, associate member of IPA-Australia. She holds graduation degree in Economics. She has over 11 years’ experience in the audit and accounts sector with specialization in banks, manufacturing, and construction industry. She considers herself as a continuous learner.

Senior Tax Agent
Mohamed Hanifi

Mohamed Hanifi is an FTA approved Tax Agent across the UAE with an in- depth practical knowledge of the VAT legislation and clear understanding of the principles of VAT as well as its application. He holds a master’s degree in accounting and Finance and has experience since 2017 in accounting and audit firm. He has demonstrated an outstanding performance in multicultural contexts as he speak Arabic, English and French.

Financial Controller
Sulman Saeed

Sulman is ACCA Finalist. He is also perusing BSc (Hons) Degree in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brooks University . He has been trained in multinational audit firms and also in banking sector. Sulman is self motivated individual who’s goal is to grow fast in finance and to acquire the skills to improve the services provided to the client.