5 Tips to Manage the Finance of Your Small Business

Caroline Thevenot
Founder and CEO

Starting up of your own business is an exciting time, but one of the biggest problems that entrepreneurs face today is to manage the finance. This is one of the trickiest areas of business and, if mismanaged, it can cause serious problems.


The success and subsequent growth of your business can heavily depend on your ability to manage your finances effectively. Planning, organizing, controlling and monitoring your finances helps you to view the overall picture of your business’ health. These will give your business stability and confidence to grow.


Financial management is a skill that requires a lot of time and a high level of knowledge, but again it is not an impossible mission. Here are 5 tips to help you achieve it step by step.

Keep your personal and business finances separate

Especially when starting a small business, it is very important not to mix your personal and business finances. This can create problems when it comes to tracking your income, expenses and completing your tax return.

If you haven’t already, contact your bank and set up an account that is solely for business use. This way you can see exactly what income and expenditure belong to your business.

Keep track of everything

Financial software is a must-have for any business, even if you’re only a small-to-medium sized enterprise. Investing in financial software will save you from a lot of headaches in the future. When it comes to paying taxes, all you will need to do is log in to whatever software you are using and extract the information that it’s automatically compiled.

Look after your team

If you’re an employer, payroll is probably the most essential financial element for you. Your business can’t be successful without a motivated team, and they can’t be motivated if you don’t pay them on time. An accountant can also provide added support by running this through the system while answering any of your questions.

Get an accountant

An accountant isn’t just there to sort out your taxes at the end of each year, they are experienced financial advisers who can save you a lot of money and help manage the finance of your business. Think about it! They know the tax system inside out and know where you can save, make claims, and legally use the system. You, in contrast, probably don’t. If you can’t afford to work with a quality full-time finance manager, try hiring quality part-time finance manager : contact us for more information.

Tackle problems when they arise

Facing financial difficulties as a business is stressful. Don’t be embarrassed, it’s not difficult only for you, many companies. run into financial difficulties occasionally. However, do not hesitate to seek advice from an accountant and tackle issues before they start to affect your health and wellbeing. One of the numerous advantages of accountants into your business is that they care about the bigger picture of you, not just the numbers.