Innovation and creativity, our technical solutions for your financial management

Caroline Thevenot
Founder and CEO

We have been working with SMEs for more than 8 years. More than a specialization, we are an SME. That is why we particularly understand SMEs’ challenges and needs. One of them being the need of customized financial management, adapted to the stage of development of the company.


To better serve this need, we tied multiple partnerships with leading, innovative solutions that will help your company handle everyday-problems hassle-free.

Why is it important to have customized financial management solutions?

Innovation is key for SMEs today. Even in financial matters. At CTC Accounting, we offer you creative and innovative financial solutions to handle the accounting and the financial planning of your company.


As SME’s manager, you will need time and money to concentrate on strategic decisions. That is why we partnered with innovative companies that will help you gain time and efficiency. We are always looking for customized solutions for your comfort and to stick as close as possible to your company’s needs.

Zoho Finance, financial management software

Can’t find the right software to manage your finances? CTC has the perfect recommendation for you. Zoho books is an accounting software that is great for all kinds of businesses due to its three prominent factors:

  • It is online,
  • it is affordable,
  • it takes care of end-to-end accounting.

Zoho Finance is an “integrated suite of financial applications for your business”, allowing our accounting services to give you the ultimate results. We have done more than 100 accounting set ups per year with Zoho books, Zoho expenses and Inventory. This allows us to be referred as a Premium Partner.

On top of that, Zoho Finance is UAE VAT compliant, and it has an integrated platform to follow your business through its journey and its growth. Furthermore, Zoho Documents will allow you to store all your documents safely and efficiently.

Pemo, the solution for your daily expenses

Pemo is an expense-tracing software. It helps your company manage your business spending, the report of your expenses, and the way it handles financial processes. Pemo’s software will record every invoice, expense or spending in an all-in-one platform. From there, each team leader or each finance manager will be able to easily assess the spendings.

Moreover, Pemo is integrated with Zoho Books. It means that you will be able to transfer easily and quickly all the expenses that you record on their platform into your accounting software.

For companies with many employees, or lots of daily petty cash payment, Pemo offers a strong and innovative solution, working in all the MENA region.

Alongside with our technical partners, we strive to offer your company the best customized solution to handle your finances. That way, you can concentrate on strategic matters and you avoid losing time and money in daily accounting.

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