What does it mean for a tax agent to be FTA registered?

Radia Hammoulhadj
Tax Business Partner

Who is the tax agent?

The tax agent is appointed on behalf of a person or an entity to:


  • assist with the fulfilment of his/its taxable obligations,
  • answer the questions regarding tax compliance,
  • represents his/her client in front of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).


The tax agent is linked by a contract with his /her client. His misson’s scope is broad from VAT return, VAT declaration, VAT planning or even VAT registration in the UAE.


As a licensed agent, he/she must be registered with the FTA to ensure his/her integrity and qualifications.


The list of all registered tax agents is available in the FTA agent register, available online here.


CTC Accounting is a registered tax agency, and we are happy to assist you.

Who can become a tax agent ?

To become a tax agent, the candidate must:


  • hold a degree in accounting, tax or law delivered by a recognized educational institution,
  • have relevant experience in the field of tax or accounting for at least 3 years,
  • never have been convicted of a crime or offense against honesty,
  • have successfully passed the tax exam of the FTA,
  • provide a medical fitness test,
  • have a valid professional insurance,
  • be proficient in both Arabic and English.

Why we recommand to use the services of a tax agent ?

Compliance and experience

A certified Tax Agent is the best way to be sure that you are fully compliant and reduce the risk of penalties. A Tax Agency has an in-depth practical knowledge of the VAT legislation and get a clear understanding of the principles of VAT as well as its application.

He can advise you about your liabilities and your obligations under the law and save you from huge penalties.

Get ready for tax audit

The FTA has a mandate by federal law to perform a tax audit on any person in order to determine their compliance with tax regulations.

The tax agent will assist you with an internal tax health check to examine key areas of tax compliance. This audit will highlight strong points and weaknesses to help you address the FTA’s audit. 

Save time and money by keeping you updated

Tax agents are up to date with any changes to tax laws and regulations. FTA issues new amendments to laws and clarifications on tax on a periodical basis, which businesses may not be aware of. A tax agent will be updated with any amendments and will eliminate any chances of non-compliance with the new provisions.

At CTC, our tax agents also provide VAT internal audit to ensure your compliance and VAT training to train you or your teams on specific VAT topics.

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