2021? It’s time to upgrade your accounting good habits!

Sybille Bouzaidi
COO and Finance Business Partner

No matter the size of your business, having accounting good habits will be the backbone of your success. What practices should you adopt? Where can you even start? This article has the answers to your questions.

Invest in an accounting software

Start by having cloud-based accounting software for reports and invoicing. Simple excel sheets will help you keep tabs on your account initially; however, as time progresses, managing these accounts will be a complication. As technology improves, revolutionary softwares are now available. Specifically, cloud-based software enables staff with specific login details to access information worldwide. Moreover, many accountancy firms offer training in learning how to use the software.


If you are continually running out of time or cannot invest any time in bookkeeping, invest in a bookkeeper/ admin as well as a finance manager. As a small business, you might think you do not need an accountant or bookkeeper. However, they can boost a company’s profitability and offer the best advice to overcome and predict financial difficulties.

Make provision for your salary

In addition, make a provision for your salary every month. If you would like to sell your business, there should be a sustainable salary payment for a manager that does not work for free. Moreover, having a separate bank account for your business and yourself. Always ensure that you are not mixing your personal life with business life, even if you are the only owner.

Keep your books updated

Finally, organize your time. As a business, your time is priceless, and, therefore, it should be used as effectively as possible. This means having an up-to-date to-do list every day, planning your work on your outlook calendar, and update what work was completed and what work was not at the end of each day. Set up a specific time of the day to answer emails, messages, and call back.

Follow these healthy habits as much as you can and improve your quality of work life. And contact us if you need any help on these topcis !